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Download Andy for Microsoft Windows

 Andy Install v2.27 (9/13/2021) Visual Basic 6.0 sp6 Install

This is the latest release of Andy.

This version is Free to everyone.

Please report any problems you experience while installing Andy.

WARNING!: For Windows 8 and 10 users. Due to a change in Windows,  renaming already numbered files may delete all of your files. Use Andy v2.25 or later to avoid this issue.

IMPORTANT! Andy requires the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime library to function.

Andy was developed using Visual Basic 6.0. Visual Basic 6.0 requires a one time installation of the VB6 runtime library. If your already using other VB 6.0 software you don't need to install the library again. You want to install it to make sure you have the latest version.


To Install
Download the Andy227.exe and Double Click it. By downloading and installing this software you Agree to the Terms set forth in the License Agreement.

To Install

Download the vbrun60sp6.exe file and Double Click it. This file is provided by Microsoft.

Download Here:

Download Andy227.exe - 1.8Mb

Download Here:

Download vbrun60sp6.exe - 1Mb

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